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need help in creating and launching a website for your business or an occasion?


communicating is critical to the success of business. Company’s continue to rely on written media such as email and paper collateral at a time where clients can be engaged in a more interactive and personal manner.


a service that breaks down complex documents and reports enabling the reader to quickly and efficiently gain a good understanding of the information being presented. BiteSize can create discussion and inform decisions

About Us

At InfoBite, we work with specialist Design houses, database and Video media experts to deliver the full range of online content. We can provide simple and complex solutions.

How do we work with you?


At InfoBite, it’s our aim to deliver a clear, simple and professional service



Speed is critical in business and it’s our aim to deliver your projects swiftly



We can manage the whole project end to end on your behalf to ensure you can focus on your business and priorities



We can provide continued support and be flexible to the changing needs and requirements of your business